Faculty Skillz

A summary of each faculty member's skills, so that students can pick the best expert for their question.


  • core Python + Python standard library
  • extending Python
  • Python plotting: matplotlib etc.
  • numerical methods
  • silly walks


  • Pointers, Python evangelism, Kung-fu movies.
  • Jack of all trades, master of none.


  • Pylab?


  • Netbeans + Python
  • IPython, parallel IPython
  • NEURON + Python
  • Design patterns
  • OO programming
  • team coach


  • Design patterns
  • OO programming
  • Python metaclasses and such
  • Eclipse
  • just started to experiment with cool web technologies like AJAX
  • Windows and avoiding the command line ;-)


  • Specialist in conventional and exotic learning algorithms
  • Smooth dance moves


  • Macports
  • Qt programming (probably not needed here)
  • Unpythonic lambda and map() constructs
  • Implementation of really superfluous features


  • Mouseless system administration and Debian GNU/Linux internals' surgeon
  • Scripting and automation
  • NumPy and SciPy internals
  • Open Source advocate


  • Text-Tools user (vim zsh screen etc)
  • Proficient in C
  • Knowledge about interfacing C-and-Python
  • obfuscated and/or crystal-clear programming wizard
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