The World's First Tutors' Tournament

Tutors' agents:

  • Goodfellas (Pietro)
  • TheAgentSquad (Rike)
  • TwitterKickAssAgents (Niko)
  • SwissKiller (Valentin)
  • GPAgentFactory (Bartosz)
  • ParallelUniverseAgents (Michael)
  • MirrorAgents (jens)
  • InvisibleAgents (Tiziano: really invisible, metaphysical code)

Agents in italics are actually using forbidden moves, so they are disqualified!


  1. Goodfellas vs TheAgentSquad
  2. TwitterKickAssAgents vs SwissKiller
  3. GPAgentFactory vs TheAgentSquad
  4. SwissKiller vs Goodfellas
  5. TwitterKickAssAgents vs TheAgentSquad
  6. GPAgentFactory vs SwissKiller
  7. Goodfellas vs TwitterKickAssAgents
  8. SwissKiller vs TheAgentSquad
  9. GPAgentFactory vs Goodfellas
  10. TwitterKickAssAgents vs GPAgentFactory


  • Goodfellas: XXXX
  • SwissKiller: XXX
  • TheAgentSquad: XX
  • TwitterKickAssAgents:X
  • GPAgentFactory:


  1. Goodfellas vs TwitterKickAssAgents
  2. SwissKiller vs TheAgentSquad


  1. Goodfellas vs SwissKiller

.. and the winner is: SwissKiller

Video: Goodfellas (Red) vs SwissKiller (Blue) tutorsfinal.avi

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