Tournament Mode

We will play a series of games with preliminaries, semi finals and one final. In addition, the one team that drops out during the prelims gets a second chance playing against the winner of the finals.

The map on which each match is fought will be chosen randomly. Habe a look at the tutors' tournament


Mode: single-match Round-robin
Before every match each team should introduce their agents briefly.

Games (Winner is underlined and bold):

  1. Group0 vs Group1
  2. Group0 vs Group2
  3. Group0 vs Group3
  4. Group0 vs Group4
  5. Group1 vs Group2
  6. Group1 vs Group3
  7. Group1 vs Group4
  8. Group2 vs Group3
  9. Group2 vs Group4
  10. Group3 vs Group4

Scores (# of victories):

  • Group2: XXXX
  • Group3: XXX
  • Group4: XX
  • Group0: X
  • Group1:

Semi finals

Game 1: Group3 vs Group4
Game 2: Group0 vs Group2

For 3rd and 4th place: Group3 vs Group0


Winners of semi finals:
Group4 vs Group2

Video: Group2 (Blue) vs Group4 (Red) almost_final.avi

Second Chance Match (the Real Thing)

Winner of (almost-)final vs 5th from preliminary
Group1 vs Group2

Video: Group2 (Red) vs Group1 (Blue) the_real_thing.avi

Final Rankings

  1. Group2
  2. Group4
  3. Group3
  4. Group0
  5. Group1

Pylint prize

Group3: 9.88
Group2: 8.37
Group0: 6.83
Group4: 5.97
Group1: -7.85

Tutor's Humiliation Matches

Winner of the Real Thing vs tutor's agents (only those tutors who want to be humiliated):

  • Group2 vs GPAgentFactory (Bartosz)
  • Group2 vs TwitterKickAssAgents (Niko)
  • Group2 vs TheAgentSquad (Rike)
  • Group2 vs Goodfellas (Pietro)
  • Group2 vs SwissKiller (Valentin), Video: Group2 (Blue) vs SwissKiller (Red) tutor_humiliation_final.avi

… and the winner is SwissKiller: the Pupils still need to learn the Masters' fine arts…

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