• Application deadline: 23:59 UTC, Wednesday 1 May 2024
  • There will be no deadline extension, so be sure to apply on time ;-)
  • We are currently reviewing the 141 applications. Invitations and notifications of rejection will be sent by Sunday 26 May 2024
  • Invitations and notification of rejection have been sent on Wednesday 15 May, 2024. We are now waiting for confirmation from the invited candidates.
  • The 30 participants have been selected!
  • The deadline for application has expired. If you missed it, write to info@aspp.school to be put on the announcement list for ASPP2025.


  • Be sure to read the FAQ before applying.
  • Check out the preview of the application form to see what information is needed for your application
  • You are supposed to know the basics of Python and git to participate in the lectures.
    Go through the introductory material and verify that you know what is in there!


Read this before using ChatGPT or an other chatbot to “improve” your motivation letter: