These are the questions found in the application form.

Affiliation and Position

  • Your affiliation (the place where you are currently working/studying)
    • University/Institute/Company
    • Group/Division/Department
  • Country of Affiliation
  • Position
    • Bachelor student
    • Master student
    • PhD student
    • Post-Doctorate
    • Professor
    • Technician
    • Employee
    • Other:

Programming Skills

  • How do you estimate your programming skills in general? Please be honest! We want to have students with diverse skill levels, we don't plan to accept only the best programmers!
    • Novice/Advanced beginner
    • Competent/Proficient
    • Expert
  • How do you estimate your Python skills?
    • None
    • Novice/Advanced beginner
    • Competent/Proficient
    • Expert
  • Write a short description of your programming experience
  • How do you estimate your exposure to open-source software?
    • Never used / Never heard of it
    • User
    • Minor contributions (bug reports, mailing lists, …)
    • Major contributions (bug fixes, new feature implementations, …)
    • Project membership
  • If you contribute to open source projects, write a short description of your contributions
  • Do you habitually use a Version Control System for your software projects? If yes, which one?
    • No, I don't habitually use a VCS
    • git
    • other (subversion, CVS, mercurial, bazaar, etc…)


  • Motivation letter: What brings you to ASPP's application form? How would you benefit from attending ASPP? How would your work back in the lab change after attending ASPP?

Personal Information

  • Did you already apply to one of the previous instances of the school?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Nationality
  • Year of birth
  • Gender
    • other
    • female
    • male
  • Please type in a short curriculum vitae (no links to external files/no list of publications), just enough for us to get an idea of what have you done until now…