The slides are here.


Exercises tarball can be accessed here.

  • Log in the Intel Manycore machine:
  $ ssh zbys-sNN@acano01-g

where NN is your number (look here for the number).

  • Change into the 'exercises' directory:
  $ cd exercises

You can access to the solutions of the exercises in answers.txt. Also, you can find complementary material like outputs and spreadsheets with data and scalability plots in this tarball.

Setting up sshfs access for acano01-g on student laptops

sshfs allow one to mount remote directory in the local filesystem. This is the easiest way to transfer files back and forth.

sudo apt-get install sshfs
sudo adduser student fuse
exec newgrp fuse
mkdir /tmp/acano
sshfs -o reconnect acano01-g: /tmp/acano
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