The demo template:

Presentation: pelita_2012.pdf



Additions / ‘Errata’

A move into an illegal direction means a generic loss of vitality which in this game is called a ‘timeout’. ⇒ Avoid illegal moves just as you would avoid timeouts.

How to run and test properly

Let’s say you cloned pelita to:


And your group’s repository is in:


with tests in:


You can then run a game from inside (`/home/student/school/pelita/`) using:

  $ ./pelitagame ../groupN/


  $ ./pelitagame ../groupN/:alternate_factory

Tests should also be done from inside the pelita repository:

  $ nosetests ../groupN/


  $ PYTHONPATH=. py.test ../groupN/

(Both nosetests and py.test use autodiscovery to find your tests.)

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