Food and drinks

Before the movie night, we will have a discussion concerning detailed information about what everyone would like to eat and drink. To shorten the discussion and to spare you from pain and sorrow about how the discussion will turn out, we will have decided beforehand that a Pizza is going to be ordered and some of you will be sent out like a pair of brave pacman agents to fetch some drinks from a nearby supermarket.

The movie night itself will be held in the BCCN Berlin. We shall go there together so everyone can find it.

Family Pizzas

Everybody knows that ordering a Pizza is pretty complicated if there are many people involved. We are thus making a list of Pizzas/Pizze and everybody who wants a slice of a such Pizza, will sign below or suggest a new Pizza.

The family pizzas have a size of (xx cm x xx cm) and cost ,– Euro each. Two toppings each. (Extra toppings cost ,– Euro.) One family pizza is 4 slices.

  • Pizza Salami, Ham
  • Pizza Onions, Ham
  • Pizza Zucchini, Whatever

Ah, forget about it. We’re going to do the Pizza planning on a whiteboard in the BCCN. ;)

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