Movie Night: Shaolin vs Lama

Start time: 20:30
Duration: 90mins
Info: IMDB

Sung Yo-Ting has pledged his life to learn kung-fu, and wanders the country-side looking for a teacher who can defeat him, so that he can learn from him. He discovers an old grand master living as a recluse who defeats him but will not take him as a student.

Memorable quotes

”… and so the tradition was handed down … but there was no system to it, nor any structure, until the Abbott of Shaolin, concerned for the wellbeing of his monks, refined kung-fu into 72 basic styles …”

On debugging …

“When facing your enemy, always aim for his weakest point. Use the Bhudda finger, aimed correctly, and you will find you will win, whatever your enemy may try to do.”

On languages …

Master: Weren't you just using the Wu-Tang school method against me?

Sung Yo-Ting: I've learned so many styles. Forgive me!

Master: The study of kung-fu fighting is on-going. Don't ever hope to master all of them. So be careful.

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