The view from the venue:
View from the folklore museum © 2017, Michael Moustakas

The village of Nikiti

Beaches near NikitiBeaches near Nikiti The village of Nikiti, seat of the municipality of Sithonia, the middle one of the three “fingers” of the Halkidiki peninsula, is located 100 kilometers South-East of Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece. This region has been inhabited since pre-historical times by Thracian and Pelasgian tribes, it is mentioned by Herodotous in its accounts of the Persian wars, and it has recently become a popular touristic destination for its combination of mountain and sea, traditional villages and castles, old temples and monasteries. It is definitely worth a closer look! ;-)

© 2017, Michael Moustakas


Greece is a member of the European Union and part of the Schengen area. Please check if you need a visa to enter Greece. In case you do, please apply immediately: we have lost a few students already in previous years because of visa issues :-(


The nearest airport is the Thessaloniki international airport Makedonia (IATA code SKG).

Shuttle service from SKG to Nikiti on Sunday 27 August

There are only very sporadic public buses to Nikiti, therefore on Sunday 27 August we will organize a shuttle from Thessaloniki airport via Thessaloniki city center to Nikiti. Send us your arrival time and we'll schedule the shuttle so that everyone can take it. In case you arrive much earlier you can go and explore Thessaloniki city center. The shuttle will stop somewhere in the city center to pick you up on its way to Nikiti. Mode detail as soon as we know all arrival times ;-)

Public buses

If you want to travel on your own. Here the schedule of the public bus from Thessaloniki KTEL Bus Station to Nikiti. From the airport to the KTEL Bus Station it is an odyssey in its own right ;-)

Bus service from Nikiti to SKG on Sunday 3 September


Municipality bus leaves at 7:30 AM from the harbour. It should arrive at the airport around 9.

Public bus

Nikiti to Thessaloniki bus station: departs 08:35, 13:00, 15:15, 18.55. The bus takes about 2 hours.
From Thessaloniki bus station: bus 36 (departs every 20 minutes) to IKEA.
From IKEA to airport: bus 79 (2310981100 OASTH).


As Nikiti is a little town and is a very popular tourist destination in summer, affordable accommodation can be quite hard to find. We can coordinate the bookings and can help you to book shared rooms with other students at rates between 25/35 Euro per night per person. If you want to do on your own, airbnb or are the safest choice, just be sure to book something in Nikiti “old village” or in the “new village” near the beach (see map below). No matter what you pick, it must be at a walking distance from the Folklore Museum, as there is no public transportation available in Nikiti.

The venue

The Folklore MuseumThe Folklore Museum The venue is located in the “old village”, two kilometers from the sea on the highest tip of the village. It is in the building of the old elementary school, now hosting the Folklore Museum. Note that the way to the venue is kind of steep and the venue itself is only reachable through a few stair-steps. If you think you'll need support to get there let us know in advance and we'll organize something :-)

© 2017, Michael Moustakas

The magic map

This map will be updated with all important landmarks (hover on the map to get the descriptions):

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