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Advanced Scientific Programming in Python

a Summer School by the G-Node and the Physik-Institut, University of Zurich


The slides are here.

Video of this lecture:


The exercises are here.

For the multiprocessor exercises, please login in the NUMA 48-core machine (SGI SV 100) generously provided by the GC3 group:

  • Log in the SGI SV 100 machine:
    $ ssh  # connect to bastion host first
    login1$ ssh sgi01.gc3            # log in to the SGI NUMA machine
  • Untar the exercises into your home directory:
    $ tar xvfz /home/faltet/starving-cpu-exercises.tar.gz
  • Change into the new exercises directory to find the scripts:
    $ cd starving-cpu/exercises
  • For editing files remote files you can use either 'vi' (the standard de-facto editor for Unix) or 'nano' (a very easy-to-use editor).
Solution for the exercises

The answers to the exercises can be find here. And here there are the auxiliary material that provides background for the solutions (look specially at the 'Timings-escher.ods' OO spreadsheet).

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