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Advanced Scientific Programming in Python

a Summer School by the G-Node and the Physik-Institut, University of Zurich


This year’s presentation: pelita_2013.pdf

The results of the tournament-2013.

Main repository:


A few notes:

  • Please check, that your git username is correct, using git config –global If not, please set it.
  • If you run into problems using git in general, please ask one of the tutors to help you out. We don’t want you to run into problems with the tooling.
  • You may want to add some humans.txt file to your group repository to tell us, who you are.

Additional players:

From inside the pythonschool network, each group can play against some pre-written players. Works only with the ‘special’ laptop with the post-it on it.

The port numbers are different for each group and there are currently two bots to choose from.

## Group 0:
./pelitagame Group0Team tcp://*:50000
./pelitagame Group0Team tcp://*:50001
## Group 1:
./pelitagame Group1Team tcp://*:50010
./pelitagame Group1Team tcp://*:50011
## Group 2:
./pelitagame Group2Team tcp://*:50020
./pelitagame Group2Team tcp://*:50021
## Group 3:
./pelitagame Group3Team tcp://*:50030
./pelitagame Group3Team tcp://*:50031
## Group 4:
./pelitagame Group4Team tcp://*:50040
./pelitagame Group4Team tcp://*:50041

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