Basic git. Interactive.

The lecture is scheduled on Day 1, Tuesday morning.

Lecturers: Emanuele Olivetti and Rike-Benjamin Schuppner.

Course Material

Outline of the lecture and demos:

  • Version Control: git.
  • Scenario 1: single developer, local repository.
  • Demo single+local
  • Scenario 2: Team of developers, central remote repository. Minimalistic.
  • Demo multi+remote
  • Extras: git branch, how to set up central repo.


Exercises are on a separate page

Additional Information

If you liked the way in which the demo sessions were performed, then you might be interested in typoenforcer, a tool to send lines of a given text file to the shell for interactive presentations. The tool is written in Python by one of the lecturer of this school, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek. You can get the code from here:

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