Tournament Mode

We will play a series of games with preliminaries, semi finals and one final. In addition, the one team that drops out during the prelims gets a second chance playing against the winner of the finals.

The map on which each match is fought will be generated randomly.


  1. Group 0: FATman
  2. Group 1: ballerinas
  3. Group 2: elephant_agent
  4. Group 3: WAKA
  5. Group 4: stupydo


Mode: single-match Round-robin

  1. elephant_agent v stupydo watch
  2. WAKA v FATman watch
  3. ballerinas v FATman watch
  4. stupydo v FATman watch
  5. ballerinas v elephant_agent watch
  6. stupydo v WAKA watch
  7. WAKA v elephant_agent watch
  8. FATman v elephant_agent watch
  9. ballerinas v stupydo watch
  10. WAKA v ballerinas watch


Rank Group
1. Group 3 (WAKA)
2. Group 2 (elephant_agent)
3. Group 1 (ballerinas)
4. Group 0 (FATman)
5. Group 4 (stupydo)

Semi finals

  1. 2nd v 3rd: elephant_agent v ballerinas watch
  2. 1st v 4th: WAKA v FATman watch

‘small’ final (third place playoff)

ballerinas v FATman watch


WAKA v elephant_agent watch

Second Chance Match (the Real Thing)

Winner of final vs last of prelims

WAKA v stupydo watch

Tutor humiliation matches

  • WAKA v trafo (Pietro) watch
  • WAKA v val_agents (Valentin) watch
  • WAKA v rike_agent_squad (Rike) watch
  • WAKA v agent_smith (Bastian) watch
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